Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium: beyond.

An adpatogen is a molecule that helps increase your performance in times of stress and when an essential oil is classified as such, it means it can help increasing a person’s resilience and resistance to stress and allow the body to react better [1].

But you have to know that the term “adaptogen” has a muddy origin history, lacks a specific definition and, moreover, as a term it is currently censored in the European Union for pharmacological products. Therefore, product manufacturers should take special care when using the term in combination with any health claims.

In a similar way, in United States companies have received warnings from the Food and Drug Administration for using the term “adaptogen” to claim that their product helps prevent or treat disease [2].

On the other hand, and regardless of the forbidden word, there is much historical and cultural evidence in Europe of the effectiveness of essential oils such as chamomile, lavender or geranium in this field. This 3 essential oils have long been used in a personal way as support to overcome stressful situations, prolonged or not.


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