Well Being

Every day we take care of ourselves a little bit more. We take care of what we eat, drink, where we go and what we do. We are more aware of everything around us. We create a daily wellness routine that helps us feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Nowadays the word well-being is taking great relevance within our daily routine. We are so immersed in non-stop clichés about everything that is supposed to make us feel good that we lose sight of what makes us feel great.

What I love the most every morning is to have a coffee. I enjoy it and it’s my way of starting the day. It’s a pleasure start preparing it until I drink it. Adding different essential oils every day to try the different flavors that result from each combination is a  really fun process for me.

When something makes you feel good, the stereotype created around you doesn’t matter, because nobody knows better than you what gives you well-being. The concepts of diets and healthy foods are less relevant in this case because how it influences you is much more real and prepares you in a positive way to start your day.