Cross the bridge

There is no greater strength than finding the will in order to do what is right. It’s time for a change, haven’t you noticed?
You’re still the same, or so you thought. But in reality everything has changed. There are people who have seen it in a tangible way, others have not, but the change already happened.

You must let go of everything that weighs, everything that is useless. You must stop clinging to everything that is gone to never come back. What does not add, what does not empower, what does not satisfy, what does not magnify, for this, use Forgiveness.

You can love yourself without measure if it is what you want, or achieve success if you prefer. Any value that vibrates within your essence, anything. Take out your architect, builder or painter and create. Create that canvas that belongs to you. Thyme will help you.

And now, do not fear your masterpiece becoming cloudy, dirty or dusty because for this you will cover yourself with the veil of protection: the umbrella where the drops will slide, where you will empathize but you will not suffer for others, your bubble of peace and enjoyment that won’t let your light go in the darkest times. And all this thanks to White Angelica.

Nerea Rastoll.