Drugs at home

In addition to the problem of academic or professional performance, family and relationships that are already included in drug use at home, you should add the energy pollution generated.


This combination of oils that we propose seeks to start cleaning – or keeping clean – of this pollution the people involved, consume or not, and the area in which they live.

For this we take advantage of the effects of these three basic oils:

  1. RC, a mixture that unlocks all that pollution, so that it can be eliminated.
  2. Incienso, a pure oil that seeks to remain calm during the cleaning process.
  3. Thieves, a mixture that finally cleans.

You put RC (3 drops), Incense (2 drops) and Thieves (4 drops) in the diffuser at home. You should consider putting it even some time after stopping consumption, to leave everything clean.


You can download the file here.



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