The art of dying

The process of dying can include visions, “visits” of relatives or friends who have already died, premonitory or clairvoyant dreams, telepathic contacts and synchronous coincidences that apparently are unrelated[1].

And all this can happen regardless of the fear that may feel who will die; who, knowing or not the diagnosis, intuits and realizes that the end is close.

Likewise, this will happen regardless of the quality of the lived life and regardless of the discomfort, the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual inconveniences lived.

From the point of view of family members, it will be good to work on wisdom, compassion and calm to be present in the process of the loved one during the death process [2].

And for those on the death process, Rosa’s essential oil will be the best option; It will help the person to pass with balance and harmony and keep his or her mind calm and peaceful, which will help making the transition to the spiritual world in a state of total well-being.

The art of dying



[1] The title of the article has been taken from Peter Fenwick’s book (neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist) and his wife Elizabeth Fenwick. Peter Fenwick is the author of several books and has dedicated several years to the psychological assistance of terminally ill patients.

You can know more about the book by following this link.



[2] Take a look at our article: Losing a loved one.