Smell does not exist

An odor is the result of the activation of a very specific neural path. It is, in short, a connectome associated with a large number of memories that, when activated, are perceived in our heads as a smell.

It’s not like we had discovered any new universe. Surely you can recognize your grandmother’s cardigan by the smell. But the point is, although we know what happens, there is no exact map of the route and this is what has been highlighted by a work published by the Grossman School of Medicine at New York University.

The task force, funded by the United States National Institute of Health, was led by Edmund Chong, a PhD student at the University who has been incredibly successful at digging into the chemistry of the head.

Returning to the application of work in our day to day, we can say that we are closer to demonstrate that when you smell an essential oil, memories are activated in your head and those memories are associated with odor.

From experience, we know that you not only smell and that’s it, but images appear too and, for some reason, those images are associated as a memory of that smell. The process is highly personal and non-transferable, so what every person remember is different.

Smelling, imagining, and creating connectomes is the natural process by which we can rewrite some things in our heads. Just imagine, what could happen anyways?