Famous quotes

We want to show you the way we work with essential oils using our cards: Famous and imaginative quotes from our WhatsApp.

It is not a matter of becoming a professional chemist, or replacing the laboratories or any medicine in the excellent work they do. Shoemaker to your shoe. It is about intuitively understanding what an essential oil is good for.

We start from the idea that there is nothing worse than burdening yourself with a problem that cannot be solved, because it is not your own or simply because it is bigger than one. When that happens, and we think more is happening than we want to admit, we can do a good mental relaxation job to lower the pressure: we imagine.

When we imagine, we don’t go to the solution first, never, ever, ever. That is not consistent.

We start by imagining the problem, we bring it to its climax, and when it can’t go any further, then it’s time for catharsis: change gives a way to transformation and the tension begins to drop.

That is when, in our minds, we open the doors to let the good enter, we let the evil go or the cavalry to arrive.

Even when everything is upside down, unmounted, or just static, there is something we can do: sit down, imagine, and settle in our head, first.

Does it matter what to imagine? Does it matter how we arrive at the solution?

What matters is what matters. For some it is their money, for others it is what they can do with it. For some it is their relationships, for others what they can do with them. For some only they matter, for others what they can do with themselves, to help their relationships and to create wealth with their money.

It doesn’t matter what you imagine. It is only imagination. What matters is how you feel afterwards, when you open your eyes.

Years telling you that imagining is bad and now, look at us.

We look like children.

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