Lavender promises

A team from the Universidad Politécnica de Hong Kong, led by Mexican Doctor Dalinda Isabel Sánchez-Vidaña  observed that the effects on mice, observed in vivo, both behaviorally and cellularly, support the possible use of lavender as a promising treatment option for depression in the future.

Essential oils, as a starting point for many investigations on their effects on living beings, are still surprising and in this case this study has demonstrated the possible therapeutic effect of the application of lavender.

Not only did the induced behavior of depression improve in mice, but it also promoted the creation of new neurons and improved their dendritic branching.

The study makes it clear that the appearance of new neurons plays an important role in the mechanism of action involved when lavender is used to treat depression, although it does not shed light on its action on other important indicators, such as the proteins involved as factors of cell or oxytocin growth.

So, although more studies are missing and recommended to illustrate the entire process and obtain a clearer picture of lavender as an actor in behavioral and cellular processes, the results of the present study provide a better understanding of its potential use for the treatment of the Depression.

You can download the study here.