The deep and endearing black spruce

An oil born for overcoming. Wakes up motivation, joy, clarity and hope. It is humble and great. Inevitable. Touches something deep and endearing that excites, synchronizing with a familiar and warm feeling of home.

The tree from which this oil is obtained grows in northern Canada, in the Arctic. The tree is able to raise its branches by caressing the colors of the northern lights while its roots remain strong and firm on the earth, being an unquestionable witness of the ancestral dance entity, the Forces of Nature and the mysterious Heaven.

Young Living Northern Lights (Northern Lights Black Spruce) black spruce is an unique essential oil born from the challenging weather conditions and variations of more than 40 degrees in temperature during the year in which the tree lives.

And from that fortress brings you the “northern lights”:

Roots you well, synchronizes you with Mother Earth, leaves you with your head up, your mind clear, opened, breathing and watching. Calmly.