Essential oils

Thanks to the power of the components of essential oils, their applications and uses are wide and varied. They can be used both as natural remedies for the body, as products for home care, therapeutic massages, spiritual practices and even for caring for babies and for the mother during pregnancy.

As a practice, the use of essential oils is called aromatherapy, and they are increasingly used as natural, safe and powerful products. They are obtained and extracted by various methods from flowers, barks, stems, leaves, roots, fruits and other parts of the plant.

They can be applied using reflexology, massage, simple and gentle healing touches to the skin, they can be used to aid during pregnancy and help with the care of the skin, body and face of babies. They can also be used to clean the house, dishes or clothes and even to coddle pets.

Their application methods include inhalation, local application and baths and, as they are natural products, they have great skin permeability properties. Once the oils are in the system, they restructure themselves to run safely through the body.

In addition, essential oils are most beneficial when other aspects of life and diet are duly taken into account and sufficient information is available in the literature on therapeutic, medical, cosmetic, psychological, olfactory aromatherapy, massage, safety issues and different plants. used in aromatherapy.