Beauty Ritual

Spending a few minutes taking care of ourselves is the best way to start and end the day. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and our connection to the exterior. It also reflects our mind state.

Make a routine with natural cosmetics for your skin: organic, so they harmonize your body, your mind and your spirit at the same time to cleanse in depth, allowing your skin to breathe again. Vegetable oils help dissolve impurities that settle on your skin while keeping it balanced because of its regenerative and nourishing qualities.

If you add essential oils on top of that, a perfect combination is born, allowing you to enjoy different textures and aromas that not only take care of your skin, but transform you mentally and emotionally. Start with a good base oil, which can be olive, and the oil V-6 which is a combination of 6 carrier oils: a smooth blend with a fine texture.

Ritual to cleanse your skin at night and in the morning:

Prepare in a 30ml glass bottle
15ml of V-6
10ml of Olive Oil (first pressure cold, extra virgin)
To which you are going to add:
1 drop Geranium
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Incense

Gently roll the mixture over your face, neck and neckline until its clean. If you use the reusable ecological makeup remover discs, in addition to taking care of your skin, you will also be taking care of the environment.

Jasmin Palenzuela.