From peer to peer

Whenever I experience difficult situations with other people who have bad vibes, I use White Angelica and then act with their help. Like a protective white angel who helps me with my security and my inner strength. With it I become aware of what I am and what is around me, as it is, and then I act.

Give me some peace, White Angel!

Two drops of White Angelica are enough. They fall in the palm of my opened hand. I rub fast, before the drops disappear into my skin so I can bring them to my wrists. I insist rubbing my hands, again, as if that brought the drops back and I share the essence with my neck, my shoulders and my chest.

Then my journey of calm begins. So I stand in the right time at the right place. The alchemy of this mixture supports me, keeps me calm and assists me. I am focused and from there I live, for a moment, without anger or frustration. Everything is clear, pure.

White Angelica is a protective blend made up of twelve of the most exquisite essential oils: Myrrh, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Spruce or Picea Mariana, Palo de Rosa, Cilantro, Hyssop, Melissa, Rosa and Angelica, with fractionated oil of coconut (virgin) to stabilize the formula.

It is another level. I can understand and perceive the space of others, and respect it; but I also recognize my own space and define it.

I try again, two more drops!

Carmen Requejo.