Scare and evil eye

Recognized as culture-linked syndromes, these two terms define behaviors defined by localisms and beliefs that affect people effectively.

This has been defined in a study presented by a Mexican team from the Autonomous University of Mexico, led by the biologist María de la Soledad Mata Pinzón, a specialist in ethnobilogy.

The effects range from the general loss of vitality and metabolism slowdown, lack of will and power, lack of resources and mood, bad breath, short and insufficient, poor sleep, yawning, tiredness, insomnia, malaise and even nausea, restlessness, inconsolable crying or fever.

The report recognizes these situations traditionally being triggered by a strong and sudden impression, produced by a threatening or dangerous culture event, and in medicine these processes are treated from the point of view of an alteration of the central nervous system and the autonomic central system.

Our experience in Nidore Essentia with Endoflex, Valor and Mirto in this line has been good and we encourage you to try it, with no intention of replacing any treatment of a specialist in the field.

Scare and evil eye


You can download the study by following this link.