Your allies Aroma Siez and Wintergreen

How many things do I want to do but never do? From going to the gym to learning a language or reading, but I always put it off, because I never have time! Family, work, home; I always have an excuse.

So I use Aroma Siez and Wintergreen.

These two are an uneven couple where they exist, and it is this ability to understand each other that helps me resolve those contradictions that exist between all the things I want to do in my life.

Wintergreen is like a penetrating and invasive balm, leaving a sweet, camphor-toned tone at the end and appeasing with the reliable and flexible scent of the Aroma Siez, a wonderful blend that calms the situation with its woody tone and a soft moss smell. that stays at the end, deep, dark and wet.

I use them massaging my feet and legs with a couple of drops of each, while I have put another two in the diffuser so that the space fills with that energy.

Mixing both oils allows me to connect with that change I want to make. It helps me to enter that new space, allowing me to find time for that new habit that I want to implement in my day to day.

Laura Veronica.