Using natural soap

Why in a world where everything comes ready to use, a world shaped for us, where everything you have to do just take what you want from a shelf or even order online and receive it at home; a world where everything is organized to make our lives easier, why should we take the time to make our own soap?

I can only tell you why I make my own soaps. They allow me to choose each ingredient carefully avoiding all synthetic products that conventional soaps or gels may have.

It is time that I dedicate for myself taking a break from rushing every day. It helps me relax and connects me with my true nature.

Whenever I am going to make a soap I think for what or for whom I want it, so I know what ingredients I am going to put in it, or what vegetable oils, essential oils, plants or other ingredients such as clay or oats should I have.

The last soap I made comes with oats, marigold, in addition to olive oil, coconut oil and the essential oils Lavender and Copaiba.

I made it for a sensitive and irritated skin. I did it for my little kid, who is not so little anymore.

If you made a soap, who would you do it for?

Spending time caring for our skin helps us being more aware of our own body, being more aware about what we think and feel, and in addition it helps us being freer. To be ourselves.