Becoming the best version of myself

Starting to use the Raindrop Kit was a journey of self-knowledge for me. I became aware of my insecurity, my indecision and my fears. I retook control of my life with the help of the oils of Young Living’s starter kit.

After being part of the Happiness Project, I understood that my true purpose in life was to be my best version. I found calm through Frankincense, got rid of my wrong beliefs and my wrong patterns with the help of Thieves, I kept my joy with Lemon and found comfort with Orange.

Copaiba helped me focus on keeping track of my priorities while Mint allowed me to overcome laziness. If I felt blocked, I used RC, while Panaway was my best support when the mental block was so great that overcoming it caused me physical or emotional discomfort.

At every step I took in my path for being the best version of myself, new fears arose that I assimilated with the help of Digize. Meanwhile, Lavender relaxed me to see each new problem from another perspective. Stress Away gave me confidence in myself. And Purification allowed me to face the processes of change with harmony, generating a renewal aura around me.

Each drop of the kit brings me one step closer to my goal and that is why, as the farmer who takes care of his seeds, I encourage you to start investing in yourself with the help of the starter kit from this moment to let your best version flourish .

I wish you a happy and enriching personal journey.

Nerea Rastoll.