Body Awareness

What if your body could be an inexhaustible source of new ideas? What if you could do it by increasing your level of consciousness?

The body, in fact, possesses sufficient mechanisms by itself to provide you with an unlimited possibility of personal growth. That is what George Lakoff and Mark Johnson think. Both have dedicated their work to the neuroscientific study of movement and body.

This is the reason to launch all this way of doing things in Nidore Essentia, wrapped in Young Living oils. We imagine that some end up believing that the goal is health, but no, that is an area that does not concern us. However, learning to use our body consciously allows us to reach the emotion, the final goal.

The basis of conscious work with the body is very simple: an idea produces a sensation, a feeling a feeling and a feeling an emotion, you just have to move and you want to do it involving your imagination.

We are not talking about communication of ideas (Heaven) but of expression, which always refers to the body (Earth) because we think that we are not our body, that this is only a part of us and that other parts can be expressed through it , using language, thought and emotions.

Working body awareness is to give it its own space within personal growth and taking into account that we all have one, we believe that he can provide us with the greatest source of material to structure new concepts of thought, meaning and values from which you already have.

George Lakoff Website.

Mark Johnson Website.



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