It’s the turn of your body

The work of growing while using oils focuses on developing a conscious relationship with your own body. It’s about taking this relationship beyond the compulsive and obligated reaction that you feel when your body is unbalanced  which surely has nothing to do with getting the most out of it.

It does not mean that these two options are bad, but that they are not the objective of this work, as they are areas of other practices and branches of human knowledge.

This conscious relationship with your body starts from first, accepting, to then understand that your body influences your emotions and the way you achieve things. Every time there are more people who understand that the body is an indispensable way to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

In this video, of which we have edited only the part related to how to see your body, you have the approach of a specialist in the subject, a professor in a business school, advisor and coach.

When you use essential oils, you assume the beginning of a conscious connection with your body, only because it exists and it is with you; It’s not you, but it’s part of you, like a little finger is part of your hand.


You can see the full video of the conference of Pablo Heinig on YOU, with a description of his program, on YouTube.




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