Our new logo

Conveying an idea is always hard work, and showing how we have changed in five years is not an easy task, but we think we found a way to show it.

In this case we wanted to improve the message of our previous “ne”, a logo that represented what we wanted at the beginning: clarity, certainty, weight and strength and, above all, it represented birth. For this reason, within the “n” there was a mountain, the earth, from which emerged a drop of essence that wanted to be everything for everyone.

But in these 5 years we have grown and we needed our logo to say more about who we are now and we believe that it has been achieved.

From the hand of Silvia Las Heras we meet again with our distributors and clients and the final result is a feminine, simpler and more colorful identity, full of luxury, modernity, refinement and daring.

Silvia has managed to shed the previous image of what it did not need, of the weight that it no longer has. It has gone from being anchored and fixed to almost floating, with lightness and grace. This logo recognizes what it is, getting rid of what it is not meant to be.

We definitely believe that we have found the best way to show the values of Nidore essentia, based on the achievement of joy as a state of consciousness.