Bring activism into your daily interactions at work

The “purpose of work” is how you adjust the way you work to make a significant contribution to a social cause during your work week.

And it’s because of the social contribution that Job Purposing leads to a wide range of benefits, which goes from a boost in perfomance and satisfaction, to making us more calm, more happy and even more healthy.

Job Purposing have showed in extensive researchs that this personal and professional benefits have lead to employees of all types of companies to be constantly looking for creative ways to promote social justice and help their communities while working.

On the other hand, a functional analysis of prosociality have studied how predispositions for prosocial behavior incite, reinforce and propagate kind behaviors. But, how and why does this happen?

In Nidore Essentia, for example, we used the idea of “Job purposing” when we designed and developed our  learn-teach system, and we use it as our foundation and as a mechanism to adjust how you work with a group of people, in order for you to make a real and meaningful contribution and, at the same time, learn how to apply it to your profession.


We invite you to view one of the studies, along with an associated article from the Harvard Business Review.