Ethea 02

The Captain always boasted of being an old-fashioned traveler; I did not use field studies or spectroscopy.

Man simply rode his ship and entered the unknown universe, alone. Also, he never recorded video logs, nor left audio files. I just wrote.

All this coupled with the fact that he was a chatterbox and a womanizer, makes it hard to believe his story. Even so, I promised to tell her and I will because I was a good teacher and a good friend. In addition, I admit that their notes hook, were clear and precise, in what they tell and in how they do it:

“This place is a paradise.”

He began his notes showing off his storytelling ability and continued saying that Ethea, named the place where he was, was a strange and fascinating planet where the earth was irregular, laminated and whitish, and gave the feeling of being polished.

He said it was full of deep hollows at the bottom of which colorful and calm liquids were stored, which always remained serene and motionless. Something impressive if we take into account that, by other descriptions made later, strong storms whipped the surface of the planet.

What the Captain of those abstract lakes related was rather surreal:

“They are warm to the touch and when I approach my fingers to them, they generate small concentric waves on the surface, before I touch them. I think they are alive. In my fingers they leave an oily and light sensation, which produces calm within me.”

He kept his story saying that they were always deposited at the bottom of the polished depressions of the planet’s surface:

“From where I am I can see the transparent, large and imposing lakes; each of a different and particular color and smell. All surrounded by high mountains, white and polished; They are like great mothers who take care of their delicate little ones, who rest curled up in their valleys.”

Rohan described how his heart jumped when he approached them and how he had the inner need to kneel and put his hands inside the liquid; He felt his arms climb up, through his cells, one by one, relaxing him and causing his skin, broken by dryness, to become soft and smooth without effort.

“¡I am aware of how my body absorbs these strange beings!”

A marvel.

Krkyn’s discovery



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