The Power Core | Ethea 05

The idea that every substance which things are made of emerges as a permanent flow of energy emanating from an invisible core of dark matter, eventually the only connecting bridge, it is simply elegant. It is based on the reflections on strange liquid entities that Captain Krkyn left stored in the memory of his ship, the Asfalís.


We have always believed that it was possible to reach such a level of chemical consciousness, at least theoretically, that is why these notes have served as a condiment to enrich our vivid residual imagination of old alchemists from the Middle Ages.

Although mathematics supports this assumption and intuition pushes in that direction, it would have been ideal to visit Ethea and save decades of theoretical drift. I do not know the causes that led my dear friend, captain and time traveler to justify his decision to hide the planet’s location, but the truth is that the descriptions he bequeathed to us are very detailed; If we did not know him, we could think of him as a specialist in the field.

It turns out – as he makes clear over and over again – that every physical molecule, when formed, activates a nucleus of black matter that is its source of energy and, when the nuclei full of protons and neutrons – baryonic – of the atoms involved connect with that energetic nucleus, consciousness arises.

The notes describe that “the process in every living being develops naturally very slowly and gradually, and the result is evolution“, but these liquid and oily Ethan beings allow this awakening to be accelerated in a safe and stable way.

With an overwhelming amount of detail, inexplicable and almost supernatural, the traveler describes how to get there: “to hasten the transfer of energy from the core of black matter of one of these beings to the physical nuclei of the molecules that make up the body All that is needed is a prolonged conscious and moving interaction with the liquid. The synergy between the body and the oily entity must be allowed to activate the process, causing the energy to start circulating from the dark core of the being towards the receiving entity, the body itself ”.

The result is an altered and increased sensation of the bodily processes that happens in a pleasant way and that is accompanied – most of the time – by reminiscences, past events that emerge from their hiding places located within the deepest memories of the molecules of the body. body, with the consequent awareness of details unnoticed at the time and releasing a huge amount of contained energy.

David Flores.