Ethea 01

Rohan Krkyn was a storyteller, but he was my friend and I loved him and I will tell you his latest story, which I believe is an invention. A fantasy, pure fiction.

The truth is that this is an unfinished story despite his death because it is also the story of a planet and who lives long enough to tell the story of a giant and lonely planet in the middle of a universe that does not pay attention ? For my part I will focus on history, as far as possible.

I met the Captain at the pilot school, when I was a teacher. We all accepted him, with his exaggerated hand movements and generous greetings to the girls. His classes were the ideal platform to exhibit his peacock plumage; He walked from one side of the room to the other, upright, breastfeeding and looking up. Sometimes he stopped after listening to some bombastic phrase, delighting in what had just occurred to him.

I must admit that his ability to tell stories was spectacular and his planetary and deserved fame, no one could get bored with his invented chronicles. But hey, it’s my turn to tell you his best story, the most amazing and the most fantastic.

As a self-fulfilling prophecy, before leaving on what would be his last trip, he said that it was the definitive one and that, if he had to choose his death sometime, he would do it in an experience this, that would be his great legacy and a point and apart for all.

At that time we were sure that talking like that was his way of facing the fear of loneliness he lived during his long journeys, but this time it happened. He died alone and the truth is that he did it with his boots on, doing what he liked best: representing the planetary reconnaissance fleet and discovering planets.

And you see, his last story doesn’t have a happy ending because he didn’t have time to return. Krkyn was found dead in his ship when it landed, alone, in the port of Kyrlian Station.

We only know what we know because he left it written, everything, in his on-board diary and if one day it was proven that this story is true, then I would cry thinking that he would have been redeemed and that he erased the direction of the planet he discovered to protect him from true.

As for me, you can make me as confident as you would have for someone you don’t know and to whom you hear a story about an old time traveler who discovered a planet he called Ethea; a white giant that floats in space and in which liquid beings live that form large lakes that fill their vast depressions of land.

Captain Rohan Krkyn’s diary



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