Total comunion

Krkyn did a good research on Ethea’s liquid beings, there is no doubt about it. He researched the way in which dark matter interacts through these entities and I want, as a tribute and in honor to honesty, to record record how personal that work became for him, providing the following notes as he left them:


“They rest at the bottom of the hollow, white and waterproof, and exist between the great mountain chains of this planet.

I have learned to approach carefully. I slowly go down to the edge of the liquid being, without touching it. I sit, watch and breathe the invisible activity that the place has. When I completely calm down, I put my hand out first. They always respond the same: they withdraw. They sink, curving, as if wanting to avoid any intimate contact.

Suddenly, when I least expect it, a sizzle jumps and returns to its normal, flat, still, calm form. That is when I can get in.

The capsule scanners shows that their interaction is deep and immediate. The orbital fields of my organic molecules become excited and allow a large amount of energy to pass from their own core of black matter, from their time phases.

It is as if instantaneous and non-invasive communication is established between these beings and my molecules. My own body, at first, shows an initial refusal to interact with such a rare entity, but after a few seconds, the communion is total and an enormous amount of energy begins to emerge, like a soft and pleasant fire, filling with joy every molecule of my body.

My wounds, my chafing and stiffness disappear more quickly and my need to eat has calmed down. Blood tests show that there is no decrease in my ability to nourish myself and there are no changes in my metabolism. I feel strangely good.

The episodes of the appearance of vivid forgotten memories have vanished. I can’t find an explanation, the ship’s scanners are very basic. But my intuition tells me that some kind of synaptic reconfiguration occurs, in which the chemical-electrical reactions of my brain change, improving in quality. I imagine it is like going from an old communication system to a new one.

Personally I feel that my emotional ups and downs have calmed down, and despite exceeding the maximum time allowed to be off my planet, my mental clarity and emotions remain within normal parameters. ”

David Flores