Multilevel marketing is real

.“Multilevel Marketing is a satisfactory form of business to increase the income of certain people, which is not a sect or a pyramidal form of sale, but whose motivation system – as a business – raises expectations to a level not appropriate to subsequent results.”

This is the working hypothesis that María Dolores García Sánchez (Doctor on Information Sciences) has used in her thesis, in which through 52 conclusions thoroughly analyzes the business of multilevel marketing.

Her 2001 thesis emphasizes on how to improve communication with the company between interested distributors in the business and between them and people who are only interested in the use and consumption of products.

It is a very extensive and professional work that we believe should be known by customers as well as by distributors and which was followed by three essential books: Multilevel Marketing, Marketing Manual and Tales of advertising told by advertisers.

Multilevel Marketing is real


The thesis is available on the website of the repository of open academic production of the Complutense University of Madrid and you can access it by following this link.

Author’s books

  1. Multilevel Marketing
  2. Marketing Manual
  3. Tales of advertising told by advertisers