About us

Nidore Essentia is the name we have given to our working group.

As a group, we focus on the consumption and use of Young Living essential oils, allways from the development and personal growth point of view of all the people who are involved as active consumers or distributors of these oils.

Nidore Essentia, as a group, organizes and implements a series of monthly activities, around the use and consumption of Young Living essential oils and products for consumers and active distributors who are part of it.

Within the Young Living, NE begins in Spain and within the organization of Diamond Mari Ángeles Marín, we are part of the Mamá Esencial tribe.

Within the global business, we are part of Donna Riley’s organization, which includes Gary Young’s sister, Nancy Sanderson.

If you want to know the activities we do, send us a WhatsApp message and we will put you in touch with someone who is part of Nidore Essentia.

We invite you to meet us.