The smell in its new dimension

We are so focused on the vision sense that we could call ourselves “visualists”. Visuals are so important, that when we close our eyes we express ourselves with sentences such as “blank the mind”, “visualize” or “I do not see anything”. Our work focuses on including the sense of smell within the search and inner growth.

This approach has already been tested by various non-Western cultures, proving that olfactory values are latent in the human condition, ready to be expressed. This does not mean that we have to stop giving importance to what we see, but rather promote the development of smell, which helps us to have a more realistic vision of who we really are.

Giving the smell a new dimension

There are very creative exercises to develop new dimensions of smell, making us participate in roles that we can play without problems in the interaction with other people and in the construction of a new self-image.

As an example, it may have a place in art, where the multi sensory register of a work can be expanded, simply by constructing figures or painting what suggests a smell or, on the contrary, from a specific work, finding a smell.

Imagine a painting like “The fable of Aracne –the spinners– by Velázquez. How many smells does the painting have? Does the whole main room smell the same? What about the background, how does that smell? There is a door on the right that leads into a dark room. What does that room smell like? And the big red curtain, what does it smell like?

We are witnessing, on the other hand, the appearance of more everyday and less academic investigations that amuse us while we open our minds to the imagination generated from smell. We could also create mixes that are inspired by a specific work of art: a painting, a piece of music, or a poem.

Less artistic applications, but no less important, could be to include specific scents as an integral part of the home decoration, or being more curious, using a specific one created only to match the decoration of each room. Of course, we wouldn’t be the first to go down the path of including specially designed scents for a piece of jewelry, wrapping paper, or creating mixes for travel or special places.


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