Practice gratitude with your body

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel grateful instead of critical? But what would happen if instead, you started focusing on the parts of yourself that you enjoy? Research suggests that expressing appreciation for our bodies improves our body image.

But where to start? When our critical inner voice begins to emerge with thoughts like “I wish my nose was smaller”, we can answer by thinking “I love my hair.” For most people, the critical inner voice can be quite easily distracted. This may seem silly at first, but if we create a list of the parts of our body we like, or at least with the ones we appreciate, it will be easier and more natural to automatically silence our inner critic. Ideally, we should take some time to think and list the physical characteristics we really like and make good use of this list.

We can also try to establish a routine, such as expressing gratitude for our body every night when we brush our teeth. The key is to combine your gratitude exercise with another behaviour we are already in the habit of practicing on a daily basis. In this way, this habit serves as a reminder to continue with the gratitude exercise.

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