Focus on the functionality of the body

Our bodies are much more than a facade; They fulfill vital functions, allowing us to live our lives and experience the world. Focusing more on what our body does right rather than just how it looks can be a helpful step toward body positivity.

Body functionality is a term used to describe the many physical functions of our body: breathing, sleeping, walking, singing, dancing, relating to other people, and any other function that the body can perform. Although many people are dissatisfied with their bodies or even “at war” with them, our bodies do not deliberately try to prevent us from living our lives.

One way to reorient ourselves towards the capacities of our body is through writing and reflection. In one study, women were asked to write statements about 10 functions of their body and how those functions contribute to their well-being. The women who participated in this simple exercise showed improvements in body image measures during the study.

Try to focus on the functionality of your own body, and even make a list of the ways your body serves you well. Revisiting your list later could increase your positive feelings about your body after any initial improvement.


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