Body awareness: invisible space

When we speak of personal growth using only the mind, we speak of archetypes, but when we do it including the body we speak of metaphors.

A metaphor – of “transferring” and “transferring” – is capable of uniting your mind with your body and forms the roots of all bodily reactions. It can be said that, although the metaphor is an idea, it is found connected in the body and made up of bodily memories –as described by Mark Rowland–.

In other words, a metaphor is an body associated image, and a symbolic way of working with it. As psycologist Punita Miranda explain:

“Paying attention to a headache or a back problem can be as enlightening as facing an idea within a visualization”.

The important issue is to understand that an image such as “the mother, the spirit, the light or a union” can be used through the body to achieve greater growth and awareness, because they transform those already em-bodied memories.

So when you work your body with essential oils, you can focus on the movement and try to understand the metaphor at the root of that movement. You move and let the image evolve and give you what your body needs.

The principle behind the exercise is that the body and the mind are two ways of seeing and perceiving your reality and that a metaphor can give you information at a mental level –interpreting what you see–, at the level of imagination –transforming what you see– and at the emotional – connect with the feelings involved in what you see.

In this way, the metaphor supported by the combination of oil, movement and image emerges as a mechanism that can help you satisfy unconscious longings because it acts as a bridge between what you see and what you feel, intuit and know with your instinct.

All this is resolved in an invisible space that you can call your metaphorical body or body consciousness, in which your body and your mind meet and can find common solutions for you.


David Flores

Comment on the article that appeared on the website “Relaciones cuerpo y alma (Body and soul relationships): Marion Woodman and C.G. Jung” from Punita MirandaBrazilian psychologist and psychotherapist with a master’s degree in the Center for the History of Hermetic Philosophy of the University of Amsterdam.