Body awareness and memory

There are more and more opinions and studies  [1]  in favor of accepting the fact that there is a part of your memory which exists engraved in your body, that lives from its action and determines in you a behavioral disposition and a mood that becomes a part of who you are. Body awareness means accepting this as an essential part of you.

The memory of your body gives meaning to your past and adds “your personal touch”, your style. It is that touch and that style that helps you, above your mental functions, to stay within who you are. That memory is always established as a guide to who you are and even if you do not choose it that way, it is there, and it appears when it is necessary to cause you repulsion or joy in a situation in which you are involved.

The body awareness is nothing more than being aware that you have these memories and recognizing them as an important part of who you are and how you are. Being aware in this sense means to establish a communication with your body in which you listen to it while being aware of what it shows you.

The awareness of your body is to communicate more and better with yourself, so that your body shares the information it has stored about you in order for you to use it in different ways:

  1. As a quick guide in a situation where your mind is not fast enough to provide you with the conscious information you need to do or decide something.
  2. As a method of evaluating your own mental action.
  3. As a mechanism to decipher the difference between what you see and what you interpret from what you see.

An old joke can explain the idea to you:

Teacher: “Little Johnny, did you not know you have to share your sweets if you bring them to school?”
Little Johnny: “I know, teacher. And that is why I am sharing them with myself”.

Incurable Jaimito, but can you imagine Jaimito’s face of pleasure? What about the teacher’s frustration? That’s the kind of signal your body gives you: you can feel the pleasure and the frustration in that situation. They are there inside you.

Body awareness allows you to have instrumental evaluations of what is happening and helps you stay, objectively, within your own space.


David Flores


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