Understanding Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to balance the mind, body and spirit. An essential oil is a volatile liquid extracted from various parts of the plant by steam distillation. Those parts of the plant can be the root, the seed, the leaf, the flower, the shell, the bark, the resin, the wood or the berry.

In this article we want to restart everything, we want to see and review the main thing again, to find the fundamental ideas that move us, to return to the basic energy that moves a blog like this, and to a project like Nidore Essentia. So let’s get to the basics, to stay focused:

Essential oils are not a new thing

The use of essential oils is ancient. The 4,000-year-old Vedas, the oldest and most sacred literature of the Hindus, already mentions the use of aromatic plants such as sandalwood and cinnamon. The Egyptians used them as perfumes, medicine and even for embalming.

Oils like fennel, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme were widely used in ancient Rome, and from there they passed to the rest of what is present-day Europe.

Essential oils are natural

They are obtained by steam distillation, which is the most widely used method. This process follows a progression: the steam travels through the plant material, allowing the aromatic molecules to travel with the steam to the container where they are stored.

But it is also done by cold pressing – the material is simply pressed to obtain the molecules – or they are extracted directly from the resin of the plant. You can learn more about these processes here.

Smell is in your head

Our sense of smell connects us chemically with our environment, and perceived smells can trigger memories and emotions. Smelling the appropriate essential oil can help us calm down, help reduce stress, or even remember a beautiful place or event. And the best part is that essential oils work in harmony with the human body because they are natural substances.

Connect with your body consciousness

Using essential oils helps you directly reach the memories that support your beliefs and expectations, and that is possible due to the sense of smell’s  mechanism and the way it works in the brain.  And we can use that same process to train and educate our minds differently, using the smell.

You only must know that our old beliefs and expectations of achieving things that will no longer happen are those that keep your body’s energetics systems “dry”, “rusty” and “unable to follow the flux” of the forces of life, because these old ways of think prevent us to nourish with the new.

By using essential oils consciously, you can release those old structures and access the consciousness of your body that is what allows you to connect with the world, to be able to do things in ways that makes sense for you, giving the sense of fulfil and joy.


You can find the source of the article here.