Training your humor sense

Creating our own jokes can be a fun way to make ourselves laugh, and we have some suggestions.The first one is to create a playful interpretation of an existing word, usually a word game, in which you use an existing word to exploit the humor in the ambiguity of the language, for example, ‘aperitif’ for a set of dentures, or ‘funghi’ for a guy who knows how to have a good time.

I got told me essential oils would fix my problems, but I used them on my car and they didn’t fix it.

You could also explore humor in more depth, practicing different humor techniques in terms of language, logic, identity, and action. Find the jokes you like the most and study why and how they work.

When you do conscious exercises, finish them with a gesture or a grimace that has nothing to do with the previous movements, something that makes you laugh.

Each of these exercises can help us understand our own sense of humor, as well as give us some guidelines for writing original jokes, especially if we use ourselves as protagonists.

I commented on the WhatsApp group that I had a headache and someone recommended putting an essential oil on my forehead. And so I did.After a few hours, they sent me another message: “Is your headache gone?”
I replied, “No. My brother-in-law is still here!”

We can also try creating our own comedies, and laugh at the brilliance or sheer embarrassment of our humor in front of a mirror; we could even share it with others to laugh more.

The other day a very angry woman came into my wife’s shop. When my wife saw her, she said:
– “Hey, I have an essential oil named after her!”
The woman, startled, replied: “Do you have an oil called Filomena?”

We all have jokes on us, silly as they may seem; If they make you laugh, it is enough. And remember, there are numerous studies showing that humor can be trained.

As a result, not only will our moods improve, but we will learn to take ourselves less seriously and, more importantly, our sense of humor will improve.


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