The mental advantages of getting older

Our brain at 50 is different from our brain at 25, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. Yes, we may forget more passwords, but aging also has its cognitive benefits.

Researchers suggest that as we age and our memory becomes somewhat less reliable, our brains make up for it with key benefits:

  1. We find it easier to concentrate as we age (our mind wanders half in comparison to a young mind).
  2. We have greater control of our brains, which consequently causes us less stress (and allows us to dedicate ourselves to doing things for longer).
  3. We also worry less (because more brain control makes our mind less restless).

Using Brain Power, Awaken, Aroma Siez and Energy to take advantage of the full potential of our brain:

  • Brain Power is rich in sesquiterpenes, which will give us clarity and help us focus.
  • Awaken, born from five essential oil blends, will help us be more aware of the unlimited potential of our mind.
  • Aroma Siez is a very popular synergistic blend that will help us go beyond our own expectations and limitations.
  • Energy will help us in a non-aggressive way to energize and stimulate our capacity to associate, perceive and create mentally.

As you can see, age is full of advantages. Although our culture is not very positive about it, but the reality is that there are many studies that show that we improve every year.


You can check the sources of this article in the following link, and the author’s website here.