Laugh and essential oils

Most of us think of laughter as a spontaneous reaction to something funny, but this is not always the case. Let’s think about babies: they don’t need a reason to laugh, and neither do we. Additionally, various studies have revealed that laughter is full of physiological and psychological benefits.

The physiological benefits of laughter include an improved immune system, muscle relaxation, and reduced blood pressure. In a study of ten thousand people, those who laughed every day were less likely to have heart disease, compared to those who never or almost never laughed.

On the other hand, laughter also brings benefits to psychological health and personal development. When we laugh, our brain releases mood-enhancing chemicals, including endorphins, and fewer stress hormones, so laughing reduces feelings of stress, symptoms of depression, and helps us cope with challenging environments. Laughter can also improve the quality of sleep, increase self-esteem and creative thinking, and provide an environment that enhances learning.

Laughter is healthy, easy, and we can laugh anywhere (although funerals are not recommended). It also burns calories, it’s legal, and it’s free – all advantages.

What do Young Living’s Nidore Essentia distributors say?

When we asked more than 100 Nidore Essentia’s distributors which Young Living essential oils bring the best humor to them,the ones that make them laugh and forget about problems, even for a moment, they all agreed:

  • Orange
  • Citrus Fresh
  • Joy and
  • Lemon

Your preferences are clear and in that order. Used alone or in combination with each other, we already use these oils to consciously laugh;Why wait for something to happen that makes us laugh? It is quite Better to provoke it ourselves, and consciously change our mood.


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