Rethinking goals for your body

The way you think about what you do with your body counts.

If you want to move your body by walking, for example, you will increase your chances of enjoying exercise more and it will be easier for you to create a new habit if you think of walk as something you do to feel good, improve your health, and take care of yourself.

On the other hand, with this way of looking at it, you will support your positive body image rather than detract from it. We are, today, more and more people have realized that the important thing for us and for our body is to move every day, no matter how intense the exercise.

As you can see, in this fifth article in a row, we want to help you realize that it is beneficial to become more aware of how some people and environments make us feel about our body. It is important that you do not get carried away by fads or myths that have nothing to do with the awakening of your body consciousness.

And we are going to end by explaining to you that it is much more practical and less painful to think of awakening your body consciousness as an approach, as a process that you complete day by day, without posing challenges such as “I’m going to win” or “I’m going to lose. ”, Because it is unlikely that you will be able to eliminate all the unconscious behaviours on your body once and for all.

Instead of going for unhealthy foods, you could start to include or increase eating nutritious foods, that you like a lot (one or two fruits a day, for example) and you could complement the eating approach, starting with a mindful walk of 10 minutes two days a week, and gradually increase in duration and weekly frequency.

Setting goals that help you get closer to your objective of improving your positive image about your body is much more productive than trying to change the one you have immediately, because you can find more reinforcement and motivation in those small achievements.

The key is to rethink our behaviours so that we change them slowly and progressively, rather than making a shocking and aggressive change. Adopting small healthy habits that can be added over time can be more effective to achieve a lasting change, because if one day you run out of time to exercise or skip your healthy food, you simply accept that some days are like that and come back to get back on your way of small changes towards improving your positive body image.

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