Using humor to laugh with others

We can try many of the previous ideas with other people, and it will probably be easier since laughter is contagious, and it is a natural social activity. For example, we could try making jokes with friends and family. Everyone should have a chance to try it, and then we can share the results with each other.

Also, when we listen to other people’s ideas, we should try to appreciate their value. It is easy to criticize the efforts of others, but humor is not easy, so we have to cheer each other. It’s more fun if we end up laughing together than telling each other that our jokes aren’t funny.

We can also share the humor with our friends virtually; we don’t need to be with someone physically to laugh together. We can laugh when we send out funny jokes and videos, and if we’re lucky, we might get some back. Regardless of what we are going to share, we must keep in mind the humor etiquette: before sharing a derogatory joke, we must be careful to avoid causing problems.

Remember; a little sarcasm or scathing wit might be fun, but when in doubt, keeping it to ourselves may be the smartest option.


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