Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural products obtained straight from the vegetal world by different processes and they represent, let’s say, the vital essence of the plant.

They come from the leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, stems and roots of the plants and have a wide range of applications in pharmacy, medicine and perfumery.

In our case, Young Living essential oils are commercial products developed for the everyday use, thought to be used at home without danger.

Here you will find three short videos, which appear on the Young Living  YouTube channel and that will provide will a clear idea about the world of essential oils:

1.  In this video, you will find prepared information by Young Living about basic concepts that will allow you to evaluate every essential oil:

2.  The extraction process of the essences of the plant is just one of the key moments of the creation of the essential oil. This video will give you basic information about how the product is obtained:

3. At last, how to use an essential oil will end up giving you a clearer idea of what they are for and how useful they are. This video explains the three ways in which an essential oil can be used:

These videos were designed by Young Living. For more information you can visit:

  1.  The company’s YouTube channel in English 
  2. Young Living website in the United States.