self-management, integration and evolution


A multilevel business is, in theory, a nest in which people can fully develop, but very often this is not the case; not because the theoretical model isn’t right but because it is exactly that: a theoretical model.

To make the theory become a daily practice, we need a feasible, simple and duplicable model, reason why Nidore Essentia appears, which is nothing more than a structure that allows us to develop the full potential of Young Living’s business without losing sight of what in our opinion is the most important: you as a person.

Nidore Essentia is a platform of information for customers and distributors of  Young Living essential oils and was created to research and divulge everything concerning the world of essential oils at the level of products, sales, networking and leadership, with the intention of increasing your curiosity while respecting your freedom based on the three pillars of Frederic Laloux:

These three pillars are:

  1. Self-management: Defined as the pillar that allows you to know the world of essential oils without the need of a guru to tell you what to use or not, but making use of the advice of people who, having used the oils before, have a previous experience that can be exploited.
  2. Integrity: Defined as the pillar that allows you to know everything you have to know about what is and how a multilevel business works: consuming, selling and creating a network of independent distributors yet focused on you, on your oddities, on what you are and everything from the authenticity of your own personal project.
  3. Commitment to Evolution: The pillar that allows you to develop your leadership and your personal growth through multilevel and essential oils from listening to what a Project as a whole has to tell you, from its own collective intelligence and from its own destiny.



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