Nidore Essentia

In this website and its blog you can find information about essential oils, about multilevel as a business and about our relationship with Young Living.

We have organized all the information in three parts:

  1. Young Living essential oils
  2. The Young Living company
  3. The multilevel: legality and operation


What, how and in what way

Nidore Essentia is an information platform for Young Living customers and distributors of essential oils and was made to research and publish everything that concerns the world of essential oils at the product level, sales, networking and leadership levels with the intention of encouraging your curiosity while respecting your freedom.


Three pillars

Whether you are a distributor or a consumer or just curious about Young Living essential oils, Nidore Essentia offers you an unregulated and adults-centered training system that will help you understand how to take advantage of them.

The information is organized respecting the three pillars defined by Frederic Laloux:

  1. The world of Essential Oils based on the pillar of self-management.
  2. Multilevel business; definition and how it works: consume, sell and develop a network of independent distributors, based on the integrity pillar.
  3. Leadership and personal growth through multilevel and essential oils, based on the pillar of the Commitment of evolution.

Each pillar is developed through articles, videos and courses adapted to your needs as a curious, distributor and consumer of essential oils and are intended to support you in your approach to oils and the world of Young Living.