Our up-line

This is the family tree of our oil family in Young Livng: the largest family in this business.

  1. Donna Riley: The beginning of our line and our family tree. She has been in business since Young Living started. She is for whom Gary Young formulated the Comfortone and has been largely the cause of this ball rolling for him. (GOLD)
  2. Nancy Sanderson: She is Gary Young’s sister and has huge distribution lines with Adam Green, Jill Young, Diane Mora, Rob Rinato and Kathy Kouwe in the lead, in addition to many other Diamonds, some more veteran and some newer. According to the official version of the company, she has the largest organization in Young Living. (DIAMOND)
  3. Linda Tingle: (EXECUTIVE)
  4. Nancy and Eldon Knittle: A couple of Young Living veterans and Gary’s friends for over 30 years. They have been in the business since the beginning of Young Living and have worked with Gary in many other companies prior to the creation of Young Living. They ensure that their success is due to their faith, their service capacity and leadership and ensure to have such an amazing organization. Eldon Knittle passed away in June 2015. Nancy now runs the business alone. (DIAMOND)
  5. Helena Goodyear (GOLD)
  6. Dr. Danette Goodyear: She started in business in 2003 (CROWN DIAMOND)
  7. April Pointer: It is depth 12 from the beginning of the business; It started in February 2009. (ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND)
  8. Jen Jordan: April Poiter’s sister. Went into business to use oils for health problems. (ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND)
  9. Debbie Erickson (DIAMOND)
  10. Monique McLean: He achieved the highest rank in the Young Living business in the record time of 13 months. The fastest in the history of the business so far. (ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND)
  11. Lindsay Moreno (ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND)
  12. Melissa Koehler (ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND
  13. Cristina Thornburg (GOLD)
  14. Maria Ángles Marín (PLATINUM)
  15. Jasmin Palenzuela (GOLD))

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