The system: learn & teach

The training at Nidore Essentia is based on the three pillars into which we divide our work.

Our training is based on the usage of essential oils. We offer training in multilevel marketing and leadership. We follow the learn-teach principle.

It is not an official nor formal training and It is sustained by your oil consumption. That means it is free of charge, it is included as part of the Project.

The system is developed trough WhatsApp groups, monthly lectures for stockist, video conferences, courses and seminars were we share our experiences about the business around Young Living and the oil usage.

Nidore Essentia training is a good way to be up to date and build relationship with other people who use essential oils on a daily basis.

Keep in mind:

  1. The main goal is to expand the horizons of the applications and the use of the essential oils, making use of many themes and techniques in a dynamic and fun way.
  2. We seek to provide training and information on all the possibilities offered by this project that we have started around essential oils, to support your personal work within it.
  3. It is open to anyone, because there will always be a topic of your interest within the pillars we work on.
  4. Está abierto a cualquier persona, porque habrá siempre un tema que te interese, dentro de los pilares que trabajamos.
  5. Tu participación y asistencia no implica que tengas la obligación de comprar más, porque en Young Living no existe ningún requisito de consumo.
  6. El sistema está diseñado para todos, en todos los niveles:  tanto si lo que deseas es aprender a utilizar y consumir los aceites esenciales como si lo que quieres es formar parte de la opción de negocio y estilo de vida de Young Livng, hay formación para ti.