Therapeutic grade oils

Young Living essential oils are considered therapeutic grade because they are free of synthetic compounds, herbicides and agrochemicals; its distillation respects the temperatures and distillation pressures that correspond to each one, maintaining the quality of the aromatic molecules and, finally, no products that dilute them are added.

Keep in mind that this qualification does not have an official certificate from any state or institution, because there is no regulation in this regard.

Young Living imposes itself its standards, certified by its own laboratories and by third parties that corroborate it, such as SCS Global Services, AFNOR or ISO, although we insist they do not certify the therapeutic grade of any essential oil, but it is how as the company keeps its promise.

Warning: In no case can essential oils be considered medicines or their use as a substitute for any medical treatment.

However, in Europe, PLUS essential oils (Vitality) are considered nutritional supplements and can be ingested.

In the United States, Young Living has the principle of respecting the five steps mandated by the law called Lacey Act, which prohibits the trade of wild species, fish and plants that have been taken, possessed, transported or sold illegally. You can see the details here.

You can see the list of analysis that Young Living does to its oils in this link. Look at the bottom of the page.

Video in which Michael Buch, head of the Young Living Scientist Department talks about the science behind the “From Seed to Seal” standard.Video taken from the Young Living Europe webpage on Vimeo.

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