From seed to seal

From seed to seal is the ecological seal of Young Living.


Young Living oils do not have 100% ecological approval in any country where they are and this is because some oils are imported from countries that do not have established ecological standards or existing ecological standards do not meet the requirements established by Europe in this sense.

That is why Young Living maintains its quality control system FROM SEED TO SEAL, which is the way corporate farms, associated farms and product suppliers of these farms are controlled, which is where 100% come from of the oils sold by the company.

It all begins by establishing partnership principles, which have been established for decades with farms and suppliers. Everyone – be it an associated farm, certified supplier of De la Semilla al Sello or a corporate farm – signs a declaration that they will plant, cultivate and distil in accordance with the specifications of DE LA SEED SEAL TO THE SEAL, which is legally supported by contracts binding where it demands compliance with the standards.

If at any time it is found that a supplier’s oils do not meet the required standards, the oil never reaches the reservoir.

In addition, Young Living verifies the quality of the oils through inspections of its scientific personnel in the production chain, while they do the testing  inside and outside the company, through two independent laboratories.

Finally, the quality and research and development program is composed of more than 50 scientists

You can see the complete information on Young Living’s quality standards on The “FROM SEED TO SEAL” website.

Video of Matthew French, head of the Young Living Legal and Sustainability Department talking about the standards of “From the Seed to the Seal “Talking about the standards of “From the Seed to the Seal”.
Video linked from the Young Living Europe on Vimeo.