The Science Behind Davana Essential Oil

Give your day a balancing boost! The warm, sweet aroma of Davana essential oil is the antidote to an unbalanced day. The davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is native to southern India, where it’s traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance the three Doshas, or energies, throughout the body and spirit.Fruity, floral, and a tad woodsy; Davana helps you put your freshest face forward. Pure plant-powered positivity that smells and reacts differently to each person’s body chemistry.

As its main component – davanone – is a ketone that has a 15 carbons chain, what results from distillation process is a big molecule, relatively heavier than a sequisterpene, and so much less aromatic because heavy molecules do not evaporate –they do not fly to your nose– so quickly.

This is the reason why, when you put Davana on your skin, the result is a multilevel scent, absolutelly personal: first you will smell the lighter molecules and then the heavier ones, that have already has been started to react with your skin.

Davana is a very interesting oil associated with time.


Michael Buch, R&D and Project Management Executive at Young Living brought almost 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry to Young Living, and answers those and a lot more questions you may have in his interesting interview at D. Gary Young.

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